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Meet Dr. Christy Rody

Chiropractic Always Felt Right

Chiropractor Columbia, Dr. Christy RodySince the beginning, Dr. Rody has had a heart for the sciences. From a young age, she was confident in her pursuit of a career in health care. Having competed in gymnastics and cheerleading for many years, Dr. Rody was introduced to chiropractic early in life. Common strains and injuries often led to adjustments. The impact chiropractic had on Dr. Rody’s life stuck, and from then on, she knew she had to help people in the same, natural way.


Dr. Rody began her journey as a chiropractor at Sherman Chiropractic College. Going in with a therapy mindset, it quickly became clear to her that the adjustment was enough to encourage the body to heal itself. The adjustments she was conducting were working, and the patients to which she was tending were getting exponentially better. This grave reinforcement Dr. Rody found in the effectiveness of an adjustment is now the foundation of Devine Chiropractic.

Life Outside the Office

Though she grew up in Oklahoma, Dr. Rody relocated to South Carolina with her husband to continue to pursue their career goals. South Carolina offered her husband the opportunity to attend law school as well as Dr. Rody the ability to bring chiropractic to an area concentrated with need. They love living in Columbia and now call it home. Dr. Rody enjoys the scenery that South Carolina has to offer while taking walks with her dog Norman. On the weekends, she loves do it yourself projects.

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