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About Us

A Unique Practice

Devine ChiropracticAt Devine Chiropractic we are a wellness center focused on improving your quality of life. We cater our treatment to your individual needs and by doing so, we guide you to achieving your optimal health. Shortly after completing her chiropractic education, Dr. Rody was eager to begin her own practice. Willing to settle for no less than providing the utmost care to any patient with which she worked, Dr. Rody wanted to make sure she was able to practice the way she felt chiropractic would be best expressed in others.
Her confidence in her version of chiropractic care was the main motivator behind the start of Devine Chiropractic.

Time Is Not Something You Can Get Back

Dr. Rody and her staff strive to honor their patients’ time while providing unmatched, specific care. Dr. Rody wants to see chiropractic comfortably intertwined in the daily lives of the patients she serves, and she realizes time is a crucial factor in this process. Years ago, she made it her mission to guide patients to the highest quality of life naturally, and still today, she vows to do just that. Dr. Rody is committed to identifying the root of the problem and helping others arrive to their very best, allowing them to help other people and live the highest quality life possible.

Patient Community

Young, old, athletic, non-athletic – you name it, Dr. Rody serves them all. Spinal health can be addressed at any age, and the time to maintain your health is now. Dr. Rody has seen all ages and conditions and has successfully assisted them all. It is never too late to embark on your journey to the best version of yourself. Let Dr. Rody help you take your first steps.

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Ready to live your best life, naturally? Contact our practice today to get started. For your convenience, we offer on-site x-rays and accept major insurance plans. Contact us today to book your first visit!

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